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Sadly, college is a low point for many disciples in their walk with Christ.  I know it was for me.   Although I tried to stay connected in my relationship with God going through my personal devotions, I struggled greatly because when I headed off to college I was more focused on avoiding Moral struggles than finding a church home.  Over the years I became almost completely detached from the church.

Here is a new resource that could be helpful to families and churches that are working to achieve the goal of creating life long worshipers of Christ that are prepared for life after High school.  This book, Thriving at College by Alex Chediak, targets students (and/or families of students) preparing to head off or who have already headed off to college.  Although this seems like an easy graduation gift, this could be an even greater resource for parents to read with their children!  Maybe you know someone preparing to leave for college for the fall, or a family that you could recommend this book to.

Here is a link to the book, right now it is 50% off!

There were too many recommendation quotes from trusted sources to list, I chose only two to share.

“Alex Chediak offers solid advice and counsel in Thriving at College. In this book, he provides good wisdom and sound practical advice to young Christians seeking to navigate the world of higher education while simultaneously maturing into faithful Christians.”
R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“All the things I speak to college students about are here… A must-read for kids headed to college and those already there.”
Tedd Tripp, best-selling author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart


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We at Uptown offer children’s church for kids through first grade.  After that students are expected to sit through the service with their parents.  Now some kids may transition to the pew pretty easily and others it may be a challenge, but here is an article that will help parents of both young children and older children think through ways to engage their kids in order to help them get more out of the sermons.

Here is an excerpt from Eight Tips for Talking to Kids About the Sermon by Joe Holland.

They sit there next to you and their feet don’t even hit the floor.  You’re thinking, “What, if anything of this guy’s sermon is sinking into my kid’s head?”  And with that little thought you’ve already decided not to engage your child about the sermon.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me introduce you to the most important rule when talking to your kids about the sermon: They retain more than you think they do. The second most important rule is like it: They understand more than you think they do.”
For the rest of the Article you can click Here.

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Here is a good article by respected blogger Tim Challies on how Christians should interact with Halloween, an issue many believers disagree on.  I think his best piece of advice, is whether you end up for or against participating in Halloween, believers should think through their stance.

Thanks go out to Dave Latham for the link.

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Children’s Bibles are great tools for Parents to use in teaching God’s word to their kids at a very young age.   Currently our children’s ministry recommends The Jesus Storybook Bible for young children, and we even give it out to families when babies are born.

Just yesterday, Matt Tringali, one of our members, passed a link along to a new children’s Bible coming out which is aimed at children from ages 5-9.  Kids in this age are really in a transitional stage, and this, The ESV Seek and Find Bible, looks like a great resource to meet their needs, and a great tool  to use for continuing to engage them with God’s word in the stage they are in.   You can read more about the ESV Seek and Find Bible on the Desiring God Blog Here.

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Last week our kids got sick and while they were recovering they were watching more TV than usual.  As everyone started getting better we knew they needed a TV Detox.  You know, when throughout the day they constantly ask about watching TV because that has become their default?

While Mary and I were talking about this I thought about how while I was in seminary I had a friend recommend the Chronicles of Narnia audio theater set.  I bought it then, but at the time the kids were too small to be interested.

Last week we broke out the set, and now we are going to spend some time a couple of nights a week before bed listening to a few tracks from one of the 19 CD’s, yes 19 CD’s.  The speaking parts are really well done and it is very enjoyable.   All in all I think things are going well…Celia is all in, Bennett is interested and Camilla stays “pretty” still, well sort of.  If you or your kids are interested, I highly recommend this set.  Right now you can get it pretty cheap, only $20, on Amazon.com (click here for the link).

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